Wie zu wurde - Die Hintergründe..

Postet by ChargeEye on 25. February 2018.

Wie zu wurde - Die Hintergründe..

Heute beleuchten wir eine längst vergangene Ära der Graffiti Geschichte im worldwideweb..

Prägend für Welt, genauso prägend für Berlin: Neben Overkill, Artistz,, GraffitiBox und stand im bekannten Licht: - Eine Website die damals das erste benutzergenerierte Fotoarchiv aus der ganzen Welt beherbergte: ob Buenos Aires, Moskau, Rom oder Bangkok - Durch eine gute Suchzeile fand der Betrachter Graffitis in Ordnern wie z.B. Crews oder Writers. Wir erinnern uns gerne an dieses alte Projekt was im Millennium große erfolge verbuchte. Viele, viele Jahre Später sollte den Vorgänger ablösen - Das Archiv wurde übertragen und erweitert! Streetfiles war zeitgemäßer und technisch wesentlich moderner.

Wir haben ein Textdokument im www gefunden wo erzählt wurde ( in englisch ) wie das alles zustande kam. Viel Spaß damit!



In 1996 the main way to get fame beside our own city where everybody could see your big letters was getting published in graffiti magazines. But you could be happy if they published one or two of your pieces.

At that time the big hype of the internet started. Everybody was talking and dreaming about the internet even before they have been online the first time. The same I did. I thought with the help of the internet I could publish all the graffities of me and my crew so all over the world people would see them.

I started to ask everybody how it actually works with the internet, but nobody that I knew even had access to the internet. There not even was an internet cafe or something like that. Somebody then gave me the hint that in the university they have got internet. So I went to university campus although I was only a schoolboy. In the Berlin Freie University I found an internet room. After the assistant of the internet room could not connect to the world wide web for half an hour internet bubble was popped.

The development of the internet went quick. Just two years later I knew already a web designer. When I first saw I was quite impressed, but the difference to an ordinary graffiti magazine was not really big. You could send a few graffiti photos by mail and you had to be happy, if they publish one or two of them. Artcrimes and the graffiti webpages which where linked there did not had more then a few hundred graffiti photos each.

So I thought the best solution would be to make somehow my own website. But the first problem was the police. What would they say if I publish my black book and the one of my crew in the internet? The second was that I didn’t know how to do build a website.

The only solution was to build such a huge website that some hunderd graffiti photos of my crew would not jump in the eyes of the police. But that was not enough, there had to be a possibility to send the pictures anonymously, so that the police couldn’t get a hint if somebody sends in all his own graffities.

In 1999 I could convince some of my friends to do such a huge project with me. Daniel and Martin were working at Fork and Metadesign two of the hottest web development agencies at that time in Berlin. Half a year they spend most of their free time for the project. Daniel built up the website in php using a mysql database. Martin did an outstanding design which put the focus to the graffities.

I started to make thousands of graffiti photos. So we had enough stuff for a good start. It´s just a few years ago but at that time we still worked with analogue photo technology. That meant we had to organize hundreds of photo films and their developing (thanks to Jere) and we had to scan all the photos afterwards (thanks to Benni).

In March 2000 we went online with Our upload where everyone could send anonymously digital graffiti photos got very popular. After a short while got the biggest graffiti website in the internet. Daniel and I had lots to do with making new updates. By the time we can provide as much as 25.000 graffiti photos.

Now the idea of so called “user generated content” is very popular. Photo sharing websites like flickr became user magnets. Technology has developed and a general overhaul is required.

By the time Daniel and I got children and loads to do with our jobs. So we decided to hand over our project before it becomes history.

Because we love our baby we asked Esher and his two office colleagues Movel and Oli if they would take over All three of them are famous graffiti artists and highly professional web developers. They are just the best guys in town for that purpose.

They said: “We love graffiti & street art and we know that we are not alone, there are 51.100.000 results at google right now. 769.371 photos at flickr are tagged with graffiti (and 401.261 with street art). But there is no way to check out only the good and the new ones.

There tons of blogs (wooster collective for instance) and of course the institution. There are quite a few platforms and forums such as, ü or but most of them are only locally and some are technically not so hot.

We believe that this there is a gap.

Our aim is to build on the basis of a website where you can allways find the newest and freshest photos of street art & graffiti worldwide and locally.”



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