Berlin Marathon Newsletter & Notification

The Berlin Marathon is one of the most famous city-wide street races on the planet. In excess of 40,000 competitors from around 120 nations set off on the course every year, gived a shout out to by a million observers, in excess of 70 live groups and move gatherings.

Taking an interest in the Berlin Marathon implies much something beyond running somewhere in the range of 42 kilometers and imparting this experience to the absolute quickest and best long distance runners on the planet. Encountering the phenomenal environment along the course and going through Brandenburg Gate and past the grandstands the last 400 meters to the end goal make the Berlin Marathon an exceptional encounter.

As in the prior years, there are discrete races for wheelchair clients, handbikers, inline skaters and kids. A portion of these rivalries happen on the day preceding the primary race.


Berlin Marathon Notifications & Updates

Bright flashing beacons in a dark concrete bin cut their eyes. Two people got out of the car. The black police uniform shines blue with lights. One young man remained at the driver’s door, the second very politely in good English offered to sit in the back seat.


Berlin Marathon Newsletter & Notification

Berlin Marathon Newsletter & Notification


Berlin Marathon Newsletter & Notification

Berlin Marathon Newsletter & Notification

We arrived in Berlin a week before the start. On Sunday, the last long, combined with a sightseeing tour of the city. 24 kilometers for 5 minutes. I ran out of the hotel late in the evening. Alexanderplatz, Unter der Linden, Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the huge Tiergarten park without a single lamp, the Spree embankment. In the evening, running around Berlin is good. The darkness is such that you can pee anywhere. You just need to watch so as not to run into kissing blue ones. The road began to go somewhere down into the tunnel. Cars are driving in three lanes towards them and winking headlights warmly, some beep. Iā€™ve been running for about five minutes, and the end of the tunnel is not visible.

Berlin Marathon Newsletter and Notification




29.08.2019 Time for calibrating – gradually it quits fooling around

28.08.2019 Last opportunity to enlist for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating

08.08.2019 Course record at the adidas Runners City Night Inline Skating

08.08.2019 Summer night’s gathering at the 28th adidas Runners City Night

26.07.2019 Training Countdown for the 2019 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

10.07.2019 Summer, sun, and fast wheels

23.05.2019 An passionate think back on the AVON Women’s Race

15.05.2019 Final data for the 2019 AVON Women’s Race Berlin

11.04.2019 French twofold triumph at the season opening

11.04.2019 The GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON: Sunny spring exemplary with a record number of finishers

04.04.2019 Final data for inline skaters at the 2019 GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON

03.04.2019 Final data for the 2019 GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON

21.03.2019 Two and a half weeks left until the 2019 GENERALI BERLINER HALF MARATHON on April seventh

20.03.2019 Spring is arousing and it is on wheels!

07.03.2019 Get your beginning spot for the season opening

07.03.2019 Just one month more!


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Berlin Marathon Newsletter & Notification

Berlin Marathon Newsletter & Notification


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