Berlin Marathon Medal

Berlin Marathon Medal; 1996 Olympic gold medalist Josia Thugwane is the most recent competitor to have his face engraved in a Berlin Marathon decoration.


Berlin Marathon Medal Engraving

South Africa’s Thugwane is recollected in world games for running outstanding amongst other long distance race races, time, to win gold at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.


He addressed Stephen Grootes to consider how it feels to in any case be recollected far and wide for his amazing Olympic Games long distance race win.


Berlin Marathon Medal Engraving

Berlin Marathon Medal Engraving



I am exceptionally upbeat, my chief disclosed to me that they need to put me on the decoration.

— Josia Thugwane, Olympic gold medalist


There are many individuals who don’t recall me. The Berlin Marathon is a major race, many individuals are going to see my face.

— Josia Thugwane, Olympic gold medalist



Berlin Marathon Medal 2019

Customarily, every finisher in the genuine,- BERLIN-MARATHON is enriched with a award. Throughout the years, these decorations have recognized exceptional figures and occasions from the historical backdrop of long distance race running.

Having portrayed old Greek sprinters in the main years, since 1978 the decorations have been committed to previous Olympic long distance race champions. The likenesses of Olympic bosses likewise decorate the recognitions which are sent to all finishers. The design is to after death respect the pioneers of long distance race running. All things considered, they actually are the heralds, and at times, symbols of the present prominent long distance race blast.


There have been four exemptions, however: for the 25th BERLIN-MARATHON, in 1998, a celebration decoration was planned, while the 1999 adaptation demonstrated the head of Ronaldo da Costa (Brazil), and in 2000 the representation of Tegla Loroupe (Kenya), after both had established new world precedents in Berlin. Also, in 2001, as well, Japanese champ Naoko Takahashi ran a different universe record, and toward the completion had the option to get an award wearing her face – a pre-modified world record, so to state. This year, the genuine,- BERLIN-MARATHON goes far back a world of fond memories: its awards and certificates will demonstrate Mohamed El Ouafi, the 1928 Olympic long distance race champion.


Berlin Marathon Medal Engraving

Berlin Marathon Medal Engraving


Here is a diagram of all Berliner Marathon awards:


1974 – 77: Ancient Greek sprinters

1978: Kitei Son (Korea/1936)

1979: Spiridon Louis (Griechenland/1896)

1980: Waldemar Cierpinski (DDR/1976 und 80)

1981: Frank Shorter (USA/1972)

1982: Hannes Kolehmainen (Finnland/1920)

1983: Alain Mimoun (Frankreich/1956)

1984: Abebe Bikila (Äthiopien/1960 u. 64)

1985: Michel Théato (Frankreich/1900)

1986: Juan Zabala (Argentinien/1932)

1987: John Hayes (USA/1908)

1988: Emil Zatopek (Tschechoslowakei/1952)

1989: Mamo Wolde (Äthiopien/1968)

1990: Joan Benoit (USA/1984)

1991: Carlos Lopes (Portugal/1984)

1992: Delfo Cabrera (Argentinien/1948)

1993: Kenneth McArthur (Südafrika/1912)

1994: Gelindo Bordin (Italien/1988)

1995: Rosa Mota (Portugal/1988)

1996: Spiridon Louis (Griechenland/1896)

1997: Waldemar Cierpinski (DDR/1976 und 80)

1998: Together weve keep running into history

1999: Ronaldo da Costa (Brasilien/Weltrekordler)

2000: Tegla Loroupe (Kenia/Weltrekordlerin)

2001: Naoko Takahashi (Japan/Weltrekord)

2002: Mohamed El Ouafi (Frankreich/1928)


Berlin Marathon Medal 2019

Berlin Marathon Medal 2019


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Each running aficionado knows how Abebe Bikila’s exposed feet, cushioning

along the Appian Way, acquired him triumph the 1960 Olympics. Scarcely any realize that

the main African to win the Olympic Marathon had done so 32 years sooner in

Amsterdam, running for France.


Mohamed El Ouafi was brought into the world close Biskra, 300 km south-east of Algiers and on

the northern edges of the Sahara Desert, on 18 October 1898. He cultivated date

trees, however took up running when he was 23, and soon a while later moved to France.

He was running for a Parisian club during the development towards the 1924

Olympics, to be held in Paris. The long distance race course was 42.195 km, which

from that point turned into the standard long distance race separation.


The race was on thirteenth July. During May and June El Ouafi contended at

good ways from 15 km – 30 km, at which he was reliably beaten by the

French hero, Jean Manhes. Manhes dropped out of the Olympic long distance race preliminary,

what’s more, El Ouafi won in 2:50:53. He proceeded to complete seventh in the Olympic Marathon,

a race finished by just 30 of the 58 starters.


Berlin Marathon Medal 2019

Berlin Marathon Medal 2019


He came back to Algeria and ran dispatches for the French Army during 1926 in

their battle against Abd-al-Karim’s insurrection development, spreading from

Spanish Morocco. Running long removes under extreme conditions built up his

perseverance capacities, and he came back to France in 1927 to get ready for the

next Olympic Games in Amsterdam.


After a winter of crosscountry he recorded 2:18:30 to win a 35 km street race on first April 1928.

In the French Olympic long distance race preliminary on eighth July, held over a course of 38.5

km, he won in 2:20:03. After a month, on fifth August, he arranged in the arena with 67 others to challenge the Olympic Marathon for the subsequent time.


El Ouafi demonstrated a fine judge of pace. He was substance to trail the American Joie Ray through most of the way, before the course “made a major circle over very open nation”. Contemporary reports (The Times, London, 6 August 1928) adulated the “exceptional steadiness” of the Japanese pair of Kennematsu Yamada and Seiichiro Tsuda who drove as they remembered their means back towards the arena after 30 km. Beam went clear at 35 km as El Ouafi, trailed by possible silver medallist Manuel Plaza of Chile, moved relentlessly up the field.


berlin marathon medals

berlin marathon medals


Yamada recaptured the lead from a tiring Ray at 38 km yet three kilometers

from the completion El Ouafi passed Yamada for an unmistakable keep running again into the arena.

Entering to a trumpet pomp “the dull cleaned little man in the French

Olympic hues” shocked the holding up group with “a presentation of

unfaltering and evidently nice running”.


After his Olympic triumph El Ouafi left his activity as a turner with the Paris

works of Renault and turned proficient. He searched out hustling openings in

the United States and his most decided success arrived in an indoor long distance race at

Madison Square Garden in New York. He vanquished the previous Olympic silver

medallist Juri Lossman, just as Arthur Newton and Willie Kohlemainen,

recording 2:44:56 and completing 400 m in front of Joie Ray (fifth in Amsterdam). He

returned home with rewards of $ 4000.


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