Berlin Marathon Lottery

Berlin Marathon Lottery: The oldest member of AIMS. Since 2005 World Marathon Majors League member. The organizer is the sports club SCC EVENTS GmbH.
The average time of the first ten runners is the fastest marathon in the world. It was at this marathon that the last 4 world records were set.



Berlin Marathon Lottery Prize Money

Application window from October 19 to November 2.
Results are announced November 30 through December 2.
Dates vary from year to year for several days depending on the days of the week.
Fast runners
Application window from October 19 to November 2.
Results are announced from November 30 to December 2.

__________ 18-45 ___ 2:45
____________ 45 + ___ 2:55

__________ 18-45 ___ 3:00
____________ 45 + ___ 3:20


Berlin Marathon Lottery

Berlin Marathon Lottery


Dates vary from year to year for several days depending on the days of the week.
Guaranteed participation through an official tour operator
Official tour operator 42km.
The cost of participation including 3 nights in a hotel from 38,200 rubles.
Guaranteed participation through a charitable organization
The cost of contributions is from € 900.


berlin marathon lottery

berlin marathon lottery


berlin marathon lottery

berlin marathon lottery


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Berlin Marathon Registrations & Lottery

The route of the Berlin marathon is designed for 40 thousand participants. Wishing – about twice as many, so the last couple of years a lottery (ballot procedure).

Registration for participation in the lottery runs from mid-October to early November. Lottery results are known in early December. When registering, you must indicate your credit card number, money is debited only if you win.

When you win, an e-mail comes with a joyful letter with “You made it!”, And your last name appears in the start sheet on the marathon website.




You can get to the marathon in Berlin without a lottery:

  • If you are a fast runner (for men: from 2:45 – up to 45 years old, from 2:55 – over 45; for women: from 3 hours – up to 45 years, from 3:40 – over 45)
  • Like a charity runner – raising funds for charity, usually an impressive amount
  • Having bought a tour operator package from the list of marathon organizers


berlin marathon lottery

berlin marathon lottery


In early September, a few weeks before the marathon, a start card will come to the mail, which you need to print. She will be needed to pick up the starter pack at the expo. However, if for some reason the start card does not reach you, this is not a disaster – there are special people at the expo who will check all the data and make a printout for you on the spot.

It is impossible to return money for registration or transfer it to someone, if you cannot run away. This is formal, real – a little bit fussy, you can transfer to another person, he will run under your name. But this is a violation of the rules and the risk of disqualification.


Berlin Marathon Cost

Majors are not cheap pleasure, and Berlin is the most budget one. Almost everything you need to pay extra, you should not expect a bunch of free nishtyakov.

  • entry fee – 98 euros
  • rent a reusable chip (if you do not have your own Champion Chip) – 6 euros
  • finisher shirt – 30 euros
  • engraving on medals – 9 euros
  • marathon package (t-shirt, engraving, 20-minute massage at the expo) – 54 euros
  • jacket with the logo of the marathon – 75 euros
  • video from cameras on the highway – 5 euros
  • official photos from MarathonFotos – from 29 euros

By the way, the official photos I got were figs: from strange angles and not a single shot against the backdrop of the Brandenburg Gate before the finish. There was no desire to fork out.


berlin marathon lottery

berlin marathon lottery


Berlin Marathon Check In

Applications for the Berlin Marathon are much more than the city can accommodate. A lottery is used to select marathon runners – after registering applicants, the program will select the lucky ones who will take part in the race.
Guaranteed right to start have fast runners – fast runners. These are athletes who fulfill mileage standards. Standards vary slightly from year to year.
Athletes using the services of an official tour operator and participants in charity programs have a guaranteed right to run. Both are expensive.


Read More:

The first part of the report was an extensive essay on the topic “How I ran”, but here I share practical information for those who want to take part in the Berlin marathon.

How all this happens: from the moment of registration for participation in the lottery to beer with a medal in the finish area, what you should know in advance and what to look for in order to plan your marathon in Berlin.



Berlin marathon (BMW Berlin-Marathon) – one of the most massive world marathon races. Included in World Marathon Majors – the six most prestigious marathons in the world. Other members of WMM are marathons in London, Boston, New York, Chicago and Tokyo.

The marathon route in Berlin is the fastest in the world both in the average time of the first ten runners and in the number of world records set. The last four of them are also made here, including the current one – 2: 02.57 from Kenyan Dennis Kimetto.

Officially, the Berlin marathon has been held since 1974, in 2018 it was already the 45th time. We started with a route in the Grunwald Forest and 286 participants. In 1990, just before the unification of Germany, the marathon distance for the first time passed through the Brandenburg Gate – this was a landmark event.

The marathon is organized by the SCC EVENTS GmbH sports club. By tradition, the event is held on the last Saturday and Sunday of September.

The marathon has a clear and informative official website, there is an English version.


What to look for:

  • Registration for participation in the lottery – from mid-October. More accurate information is always on the site.
  • credit card must be valid at least until December of the current year
  • check if such operations on your card are allowed so that the bank does not block payment according to the rules, a refund for registration is not carried out, and its transfer to another person is prohibited the cost compared to non-marathons is high, for all additional options you need to pay extra


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