Berlin Marathon Jubilee Club

Toward the part of the bargain, the individuals from the BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club

customarily get the Running News and a letter with the present enrollment

what’s more, data on what is happening in the club. The new individuals are welcomed by

name, alongside their city posting.


Germany Berlin Marathon Jubilee Club


Berlin Marathon Jubilee Club

Berlin Marathon Jubilee Club


The club keeps on developing, and we are charmed that the individuals come

from 14 nations. Nothing exhibits all the more unequivocally the appeal and

intrigue of the genuine,- BERLIN MARATHON.

In the accompanying, the letter is accessible in its fulfillment.

Celebration Club Info 2/2003


Dear BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club individuals,

Right away before the part of the arrangement 2003, we might want to send you the

most recent Running News (Nr. 4) of 2003. The endorsements and the

“shortened” rundown of results (just a bit of the majority of the outcomes

were distributed) of the 30th genuine,- BERLIN MARATHON 2003 have since been

gotten all over the place. Bernd Hübner keeps on being the supreme

leader in the Jubilee Club with a sum of multiple times taking part, while

Christl Heine drives the ladies with 23. Of our club individuals, this year we had a

aggregate of 48 ladies and 729 men sprinters, just as 6 wheelchair contenders at

the beginning. We might want to praise everybody who again made it

effectively to the new complete—close to the Brandenburg Gate.


Berlin Marathon Jubilee Club

berlin marathon jubilee club mitglieder


The new additional race number on the back for the club individuals was

generally welcomed, regularly starting positive critique from different sprinters, and

the new unique endorsements for 15, 20, 25, and multiple times taking an interest were

additionally got with acknowledgment. After the current year’s 30th genuine,- BERLIN

Long distance race, 49 new individuals were acknowledged and respected in front of an audience. Tragically not

every one of them had the option to make it so as to the function because of the movement

of the honors service from Pariser Platz to the Platz des 18. März. We

might want to broaden our statements of regret here again for this hardship.



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Berlin Marathon Jubilee Club

berlin marathon jubilee club mitglieder


We might want to cheerfully welcome the majority of our new individuals and are satisfied with

the allure of the BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club. Following the MARATHON

we got 30 further enlistments for the Jubilee Club. We might want to

welcome them also into the Club—the majority of the “new ones” are

recorded in the connection.

The most current numbers are presently: 1,229 individuals (78 ladies, 1135 men, 16

wheelchair contenders) – the individuals originating from 14 nations.

We are additionally including a request structure for the MARATHON BOOK 2003 – a

great token with noteworthy photographs from an extraordinary MARATHON. All

Celebration individuals are sustained by name with their number of times

partaking in the book.


Berlin Marathon Jubilee Club

berlin marathon jubilee club mitglieder


We wish the majority of the individuals great wellbeing, individual achievement and fun running for

the year 2019. Furthermore, obviously we would like to have the option to welcome huge numbers of the individuals

again at the 46th genuine,- BERLIN MARATHON on September 29, 2019 in Berlin.


Horst Milde

Race Director

Bernd Hübner

Leader of the Jubilee Club Department

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