Berlin Marathon Guide

Berlin Marathon Guide; I have completed 28 long distance races and this is the first occasion when I have remarked. Berlin is an incredible city and a this is extraordinary race goal. The long distance race was shockingly inadequately sorted out for a great deal of reasons.


Berlin Marathon Guide For Running 2019

The corrals were a wreck, and intense to get into, versatile restrooms lined the passage to corrals which means sprinters arranging over the way making jarring a necessity to get to the corral on schedule. The water station giving out plastic cups was absurd the same number of have composed. Furthermore huge numbers of the sprinters referenced water was being taken from open receptacles which were likewise being utilized for wipes.

The volunteers and groups were awesome. CHIPS on the foot stays a torment the undertaking of pulling them off after a race is never an incredible encounter. The course was extraordinary however swarmed, PBs could be extreme in the event that you get stuck up along the course. The expo had an incredible air we got there soon after opening the principal day, it is at an old air terminal, I am advised by others sprinters that closer to the race day the expo was a “gong appear”.


Berlin Marathon Guide

Berlin Marathon Guide


Only a perception however I didn’t feel the sprinters soul at this long distance race, individuals pushing and pushing at the expo, on the course a few people pushing and pushing to get by, I heard this from different sprinters also. Product was overrated I got the coat for 80 euros which should sell for $40. At any rate the race is one of the huge 6 and Berlin is an extraordinary city, and with world records who wouldn’t have any desire to go. I have run other huge races and I am certain these setbacks could be effectively fixed.


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This was my third great visit race. The course is amazing, streets are in incredible condition and wide. The completion through Brandenburger door is astounding, simply remember regardless you have around 2 tenths of a mile to go to wrap up! The expo was extremely enormous, a lot of universal races to find out about. Getting to the expo and race is extremely simple utilizing the U metro, which is free on race day. A lot of fan backing and water stops on the race . They offered a reusable cup, yet it was not reasonable to use in race conditions as you need to unpredictable to a water nozzle to utilize it and it takes excessively long.

To the extent little issues, one, the water was in plastic cups. Second the other liquid truly had a terrible preference for me, similar to beet juice. Additionally, no shirt, except if you get it. They gave you a pleasant notice that has a spot for your kiddie apron.

I did this race with my better half and we completed together, never felt raced to beat a cut off time.

We cherished the entire occasion and would profoundly prescribe it!


Berlin Marathon Guide

Berlin Marathon Guide


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Give me a chance to introduce this with an extraordinary note for American sprinters. In the event that you run Berlin, you have to comprehend that this race is in Europe, and there will be some huge contrasts from races held in the US. In the event that you go in comprehending what’s in store, at that point you will have an incredible day. Do your examination!

This was my 26th long distance race, and third world major. The Berlin long distance race is a fabulous race. I will list my preferences, however remember, my general rating for this occasion is high.


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1. Bundle pickup and Expo. The expo was situated at Station Berlin, which is a notable structure, so don’t anticipate that the expo should occur in one goliath room. It is altogether associated, however spread out more than 4 rooms. The sellers were numerous and shifted, and the tucker pickup procedure was straightforward and fast.

2. The course. Astounding. I incline toward courses with no long straight aways and one with more turns. This course was perfect in such manner. The perspectives along the course are fabulous, the history, huge and unquestionable. There was a triple width striped blue line along the course that showed the briefest conceivable separation (digression), and that was an extraordinary assistance. I tailed it however much as could be expected. I have never observed this in a race, and trust it was there because of the world record endeavor. My gps separation was as yet 26.4, however that was normal and planned for.

3. Observers. I don’t recollect numerous areas that were bereft of onlookers, and there were numerous groups along the course.

4. The completion. Running under the memorable Brandenberg door was an individual lifetime running feature for me. The completion decoration was regularly downplayed likewise with other world majors, however the lace was the German Flag. Decent touch.


Berlin Marathon Guide

Berlin Marathon Guide



1. The kiddie apron was too huge, excessively degradable. It was a wet day and I needed to re-stick mine at about mile 23 while in full walk.

2. Plastic cups for hydration. I don’t get this one. They break and split, with each crush. They are boisterous as sprinters step them into the ground.

3. Corrals. You are seeded by past long distance race times, not by your objective time (reasonable), yet it is more enthusiastically to hit your objective on the off chance that you are in a more slow corral because of the tremendous volume of sprinters. I was fine, however a few companions were most certainly not.

4. Champion Chip timing. It’s 2017. Time to proceed onward from these, get face cloth timing. They are not awful, simply obsolete and expensive in the event that you neglect to return it.

This is prob near 1000 words, so I will wrap up by saying.. do this race, yet realize what you are getting. You will completely cherish it.

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