Berlin Marathon Gels

Berlin Marathon Gels; You will discover refreshment focuses at km 9, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 36 with natural product, tea and water.

We offer water-just refreshment focuses at km 5, 12, 17.5, 22.5, 28, 32.5, 34.5, 38 and 40.


Instructions to supply your own refreshments

Berlin Marathon Nutrition; Nobody realizes your body superior to anything you do. You can drop off your own refreshments to get up at the stations during the long distance race. Simply record your name, race number and the refreshment point on a holder (not made of glass!) and hand them in by 7:45 am at the stand “Possess Refreshments.”

You will locate the “Claim Refreshments” corner here: Entrance Gate 5, Otto-von-Bismarck-Allee.


Berlin Marathon Gels

Berlin Marathon Nutrition



ultraSPORTS Beetster

The jolts of energy are accessible at km 9,15,20, 25, 30, 36 and 40.

Beetster is the principal characteristic starch execution drink dependent on concentrated plant control from beetroot, ginger, lemon salve, grape strip and different concentrates. Taurine and the normal caffeine from green tea give you an additional kick. The fruity preparing and rivalry promoter is veggie lover, free of fructose and lactose and thusly all around endured during activity.

The Beetster initially:

Utilized during high physical effort in preparing and rivalry

Contains 500 mg taurine for each serving

Contains 8 mg common caffeine from green tea per serving

Is without fructose, sans lactose and veggie lover

You can discover more data about the Beetster and its fixings here.


Berlin Marathon Gels

Berlin Marathon Gels



Lichtenauer Mineralwasser

You’ll discover the Lichtenauer Hot Spot at Olivaer Platz in the wake of passing kilometer 33.

In the wake of finishing the race sprinters will locate a 0.5-liter container of Lichtenauer Mineralwasser Pur in their completing packs.

Lichtenauer Mineralwasser Pur invigorates as common mineral water without carbonization. Its mineralization is delicate and consonant naturally and gives the interesting milde taste of Lichtenauer Mineralwasser. Being non-carbonated the sort “Pur” is advantageous for the stomach related framework – particularly for sprinters. The Lichtenauer mineral water originates from well-secured profound underground springs in the Erzgebirge bowl in the German nation of Saxony.

Lichtenauer Mineralwasser types:

Mineralwasser Pure non carbonated

Mineralwasser medium carbonated

Mineralwasser Spritzing high carbonated

You can discover more data about the Lichtenauer Mineralwasser here.


Berlin Marathon Gels

Berlin Marathon Gels


ultraSPORTS ultraGel


At km 27.5 you can snatch some additional vitality.

ultraGels furnish you with quick and well-endured vitality during activity. Notwithstanding arginine and significant plant separates, the demonstrated starch protein concentrate additionally contains an additional bit of sodium, which renews your stores in the blink of an eye by any means.

The ultraGels are accessible in two flavors: Cola + Caffeine and Berry.

The ultraGels initially:

Genuine taste on account of common juice condensed

Contains ginger and advantageous plant removes

Contains whey protein from grass-sustained munching bovines

Very much endured as there is no fructose included

Berlin Marathon Gels

Berlin Marathon Nutrition



ultraPERFORM Cola-Gurana-Gel-Chip

Better than expected salt substance

You can discover more data about the ultraGel and its fixings here.

You will get a gel chip with your race records that can be expended as required.

For the super-quick vitality kick, there is the Gel-Chip from ultraSPORTS. The little delicate vitality balls are given the beginning archives. They are perfect on the off chance that you need an additional kick just before the completion: Just put a Gel-contribute your mouth, nibble through it and push it into your cheek pockets. The contained glucose is quickly discharged and retained through the oral mucosa.


The ultraPERFORM Gel-Chip initially:


Berlin Marathon Gels

Berlin Marathon Gels


immediate vitality cola-Guarana taste with starches, protein, guarana and rhodiola




Berlin Marathon Nutrition; Glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, water, dextrose, gelatine, guarana extricate (1.9%), corn starch, rhodiola rosea remove (0.2%), salt, acidifier: lactic corrosive; enhance, nutrients B1, B2, B6.


You can discover more data about the ultraPERFORM Gel-Chip and its fixings here.


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It’s time to give back – Give back your re-usable cup




Do your part to ensure the earth!

Berlin Marathon Nutrition; Each member will get a reusable cup loaded up with water at chosen water supply stations situated along the course. After a couple of meters, the unfilled cup can be tossed into boxes explicitly accommodated this reason. The individuals who botch the opportunity to restore the little blue cup during the race will have the chance to return it at the adidas Brand Center in Tauentzienstraße, at the adidas Running store in Münzstraße or at the adidas Runbase Berlin in Schleusenufer in the days following the long distance race, in this manner making it accessible again for future running occasions.


Berlin Marathon Gels

Berlin Marathon Nutrition

‘It’s an ideal opportunity to give back’ – adidas and SCC approaches you to restore your cups to the cycle and in this way add to ensuring the earth. The reasonable thought must be ensured if the reusable cups are utilized again at the following run.

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