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Berlin Marathon Forum ;I’ll be going to Berlin solo one week from now for the Berlin Marathon. It will be my first visit to Berlin, and my first full long distance race (after numerous half long distance races). On the off chance that there is any individual who has recently run this race and can offer any tips about the course, the expo, pre and post race coordinations, and so on., I’d love to hear any exhortation you bring to the table.


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Emma Says:

I am wanting to pursue 2019 Berlin long distance race.

I won’t get the ensured spot with my PB of 4;58 min for my last long distance race.

can anybody guidance me what is the most ideal way. I looked into games visit worldwide do a bundle with passage space. has anybody utilized it previously?



Millii Answered:

Much obliged to you

The poll opens on the seventeenth October, stick your name in and keep everything crossed, that is the thing that I’ll be doing!! Gotta be in it to win it as it’s been said!



Farwa Replied:

Has anybody experienced their very own philanthropy course when the additional 1000 spot come up in the event that you miss the poll?


John Obliged

much obliged to you for your remarks . I will pay special mind to tomorrow


Faddy Ask:

I’ve entered the Berlin vote in the wake of being ineffective in the London tally for 11 back to back years. TBH preparing over the mid year appears to be desirable over those virus winter days at any rate.


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Watson Says:

Ian5 – there are two unmistakable philanthropy alternatives.

The first is the 1,000 spots offered as a major aspect of the “RTL Spendenmarathon”, which are accessible when the official ticket closes. I don’t think a lot about this, other than that the spots are somewhat more costly than standard passage. Subtleties here: for-2018-bmw-berlinmarathon-join-the-rtl-philanthropy program-from-december-7.html

The second is an ordinary philanthropy place from a taking an interest philanthropy, for example, Prostate Cancer UK (who I kept running for in 2018) or any other individual who has spots to fill. Rundown kept up by realbuzz here (there might be others): postings/


Berlin Marathon Forum

Berlin Marathon Forum


Fedricks Advice:

> @RunningForMomo stated:

> Good karma to everybody in the poll this week. We’re in as a group passage and not certain if that exacerbates our chances better or! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve heard it improves the chances of getting in. I read that all individuals in the group get went into the vote independently and on the off chance that one gets a spot, at that point all get a spot. Regardless of whether this is really the situation, however, I don’t have the foggiest idea.

I’m entering as a major aspect of a two-man group so am trusting this is the situation.



> @Justin Haines stated:

> I didn’t get in. Anybody been with a movement accomplice previously? It would appear that 2:09 occasions, running insane and Swinley travel are the official UK accomplices on the Berlin site. In spite of the fact that sports visits universal appear to likewise be selling trips. Any exhortation increased in value.

Have heard beneficial things about 2:09 occasions specifically, and examining their evaluating for various inns it doesn’t appear to be an irrational choice, especially as you have ensured passage.

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