Berlin Marathon Flat

Berlin Marathon Flat ; In case you’re a veteran long distance runner hoping to set an individual best — or a novice looking for a level, quick course for your first long distance race — the Berlin Marathon could be the race for you. It’s the third-biggest long distance race on the planet (after New York and London) — and the quickest.


Berlin Marathon Flats & Hotels

The Berlin Marathon course treks through a great, dynamic urban city saturated with history and shocking tourist spots, for example, Victory Column, Reichstag, and obviously, Brandenburg Gate!



Berlin Marathon Flat

Berlin Marathon Flat


Loft at Rungestraße

Accessible from 23 Oct 2019

Outfitted • 1 Bedroom • 65 m²


Berlin Marathon Flat


Loft at Schönhauser Allee

Accessible from 25 Oct 2019

Outfitted • 1 Bedroom • 58 m²



Berlin Marathon Flat


Loft at Mühsamstraße

Accessible from 01 Oct 2019

Outfitted • 2 Bedrooms • 121 m²


Berlin Marathon Flat


Loft at Savignyplatz

Accessible from 01 Sep 2019

Outfitted • 1 Bedroom • 60 m²


Berlin Marathon Flat

Berlin Marathon Flat


Private room at Rungestraße

Accessible from 01 Sep 2019

Outfitted • 1 Bedroom • 14 m²



Berlin Marathon Flat

Berlin Marathon Flat


Loft at Rosenthaler Straße

Accessible from 01 Dec 2019

Outfitted • 2 Bedrooms • 111 m²






Arrive before the actual arranged time – I arrived 20 minutes before the entryways opened to discover a Disneyland-style line of sprinters hoping to enter the expo. To be reasonable, the line moved before long and the fervor of the Berlin Marathon formally commenced.


First request of business: your wristband – before you enter the principle expo, all sprinters must place their correct hand over a machine that verifies a Berlin long distance race wristband around your correct wrist. Without this wristband, you can’t enter the race corrals. Regardless of my underlying considerations of this thing tumbling off in the shower or tearing in my rest, this young doggie was not going anyplace.


Swag vanishes rapidly! – I am not one to purchase a great deal of swag at long distance race expos, yet I will say, the bits of gossip are valid on this one. Race coats (vigorously pined for by sprinters like their very own kids), running shoes, and significantly finisher T-shirts were taking off the racks like no expo I have found in the previous five years. Disregard Caveat Emptor; arrive before the actual arranged time in the event that you need to get your swag people.


They serve lager – I shouldn’t have been astonished being in Germany and all, however I was still somewhat found napping that they served tall lagers for 2.5 euros at the expo. Also, no, I didn’t purchase a brew, however simply because it was 11:00 am and I was progressively keen on holding up 45 mins to catch one shot on a platform at the expo.


In-line Skating Marathon – The day preceding the headliner, Berlin has one of the biggest inline skating long distance races on the planet. This year, Berlin saw around 5,600 inline skaters race on the 42-kilometer circle. This was an exceptionally amazing occasion to watch from the end goal face to face.



World Record Buzz – Every year, sprinters and onlookers the same would like to see the long distance race world record fall of 2:02:57, set by Dennis Kimetto of Kenya on September 28, 2014, at the Berlin Marathon. – This year’s race facilitated a record of 43,852 long distance runners from 137 nations as the long distance race commended its 44th commemoration.


Miles 1 – 8 –We all need to be a little piece of history. Lamentably, no world records were set for the current year, perhaps because of the 99% moistness… more on this later.

The race started with cloudy skies, sprinkling precipitation and a rising humidify. For reasons unknown, it takes around five miles (for me) to feel good until my brain and body settle down a few miles in…


Signs are in kilometers – for those of you used to seeing mile markers, recollect this race happens abroad. I am a major aficionado of checking up from 1 to 42 km since it feels I am gaining quicker ground thumping out km after km.


Miles 8 – 18 – This race course was quick and level and for somebody who stops to catch distinctive film, takes pictures of inventive signage and here and there backtracks to get a specific running shot, I wound up flying through this stretch in spite of the rising mugginess. Sprinters race by notorious structures in Berlin including the Reichstag, Berlin Dom and the CN Tower. I was starting to comprehend why such huge numbers of sprinters PR’d (individual record) on this course and why world records will probably keep on falling in this city as the years stream forward.


Groups play each half-mile – 50+ groups, each half mile or less, played their music in the city of Berlin. There were little child groups strumming their tunes on walkways to a scaled down ensemble of senior residents flaunting their abilities remaining in a recreation center.


Mile 19 – at 99% mugginess, I hit a stopping point. I didn’t have anything left in my legs. Right then and there, I was poised to complete in 4 hours and 30 minutes, very nearly 30 minutes under my quickest long distance race time (London Marathon, 2000, 4:57:57), and that fantasy went to a prompt stop.


Miles 20 – 26.2 – Yes the mugginess was wild, and indeed, my legs felt substantial as all hell, and no ifs, ands or buts, I was not going to PR this race regardless of how level and quick this course was intended to be for racers.

Be that as it may, I contended energetically those last 6.2 miles.


Each race is extraordinary and no one can tell how your brain and body will react. I kept running by stretches of individuals on back rub beds whose race was over because of issues, drying out, and god comprehends what different diseases. I see this kind of thing pretty much every race, except the last six miles was an update that nothing is ever guaranteed or ensured for a sprinter in any long distance race. Tune in to your body, is my best exhortation.


Furthermore, on mile 25, I did only that. I was parched, salivating to be exact. Rather than a water or Gatorade hydration station, there were some well disposed onlookers serving full cups of lager and shots of Jägermeister. When in Germany, isn’t that so? I ceased and took a major swallow of cold lager, and kid, was that reviving!


My preferred part about the Berlin Marathon was the last two kilometers in light of the fact that once you turn the last corner, it’s a straight shot through Brandenburg Gate and over the end goal.

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