Berlin Marathon Finish Line

Berlin Marathon Finish Line: The Berlin Marathon customarily happens in September every year. … Encountering the awesome environment along the course and going through Brandenburg Gate and past the grandstands the last 400 meters to the end goal make the Berlin Marathon an exceptional encounter.



Berlin Marathon Finish Line

Berlin Marathon Finish Line


Berlin Marathon Finish Line Changing 


Showers and changing tents will be accessible

Showers with warm water will be accessible for you in an assigned territory.

The exact spot will be discharged August, 2019


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Medals and Engraving


You aced the 42,195 km? You merit an award!


Award etching

You might want to deify your completion time on your award? There is a stall in the completion zone where you can imprint your award.


Berlin Marathon Finish Line

Berlin Marathon Finish Line


This incredible administration:

is bookable with the enlistment. The buy is noted on your napkin number and you can utilize the administration after the race.

just costs 11 Euros after the race (just money).


Berlin Marathon Massage along the course

The back rub administration, beginning at km 25, is found each 5 kilometers along the course.

Massage in the completion zone

Inverse the “Reichstagswiese” is a far reaching back rub administration for all members (for nothing). Various occupied hands will slacken your layered yet fearless muscles.

That won’t transform anything about your throbbing muscles the following day.


Results and Certificates:

You get your merited endorsement:

The web: You can get your starter endorsement through download (inside the outcomes list) after the race on the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON site.

Your time is wrong or missing:

Has your Chip been connected appropriately to your shoe bands/ancle?

On the off chance that you did there still is some misstep, we ask you sympathetic to round out the accompanying structure.


Berlin Marathon Finish Line

If it’s not too much trouble think about that it may take a piece since we need to completely check your case. In the wake of accepting your mail, we will hit you up as quickly as time permits.


Age Group Winner

Victors of each age gathering will be granted with a free begin for the forthcoming year!

The champs will get additional data with respect to the enrollment in January of the next year . Try not to enroll in the lottery!


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