Berlin Marathon Apparel

Berlin Marathon Apparel: In Berlin marathon Germany there is a special dress to run in marathon. Each participant or runner has to wear that special apparel to run in the race. There are specific numbers allotted to everyone which is been mentioned on every T-shirt and JACKET.



Berlin Marathon Apparel week 2019



Event Day Schedule: 

Access to the occasion depends on:

– Fast sprinters,

– Tour Operators/Charity Partners

– Entry Drawing Single Runners

– Entry Drawing Teams

– Skate, Handbike, Wheelchair

– Jubilee-club


Berlin Marathon Apparel

Berlin Marathon Apparel


Section Drawing Single Runners

We will utilize the section drawing system for the 2019 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON as is regular at other long distance race occasions in the Abbott World Marathon Majors Series (AbbottWMM).

Enlistment for the section drawing is conceivable during the period between October 17, 2018 (12:00 early afternoon CET) and November 7, 2018. It doesn’t make a difference when you register inside that time span, so don’t hesitate to take as much time as is needed.

You will be required to present the majority of your important information during the enrollment stage, including your bank or Visa informations with authorization to charge your record (ONLY after being chosen in the attracting to partake). Your own enrollment is authoritative. In the event that your name is drawn, the member charge will be reserved from your record. It won’t be conceivable to move or drop your race passage after enrollment as well as draw!


Berlin Marathon Apparel

Berlin Marathon Apparel


Okay prefer to run together with somebody or with a gathering of a few sprinters? At that point select the new way to the passage drawing for groups (just for 2 to 3 sprinters).


Okay prefer to verify a clear beginning spot for yourself or a running gathering? At that point select the way to the ensured beginning spots and register through a visit administrator or philanthropy accomplice. You can likewise choose one of these alternatives after the passage drawing has been finished and you are still needing a race number.

The bank or Mastercard informations will be erased for everybody who isn’t chosen in the drawing.

We will convey an affirmation email after the application has been submitted.

Different sections won’t be considered.

The enrollment charge is 125 € per sprinter.

The consequences of the drawing will be declared by email on November 29, 2018 – December 3, 2018.

Spare time and long ways at the garments drop-off before the begin and after the completion. In the event that you forego the apparel drop-off, after the end goal you will get a warming poncho that can be reused at numerous events. The quantity of poncho’s is constrained.

The decision between garments drop-off and poncho is authoritative and can’t be changed in the wake of completing the enrollment procedure. More Info.

At the race end of the week tucker numbers must be grabbed at the at the MARATHON EXPO (September 26-28, 2019) by every individual sprinter; bunch pick-ups are unrealistic. Get by some other individual is unimaginable!

The begin card is required, just as a picture ID (individual ID, international ID, driver’s permit) for get.

– –


Berlin Marathon Apparel

Berlin Marathon Apparel


Race Course

– –

The last course guide will be distributed in summer 2019.

Since the race coordinator does not anticipate real transforms, you can utilize a year ago’s guide or the intuitive guide as a direction.


Passage charges

Sprinters, hand cyclists, wheelchair contenders = 125 Euros

Skaters: number 1-4,000 = 75 Euros/from 4,001+ = 95 Euros

Twofold Starters = 125 Euros + the sum as indicated by the skater cost legitimate upon the arrival of your enlistment

(A twofold begin is ONLY feasible for sprinters who have a beginning spot!)

Increasingly about this occasion

[retrieved from authority Berlin Marathon site starting at 19-Oct-2018]


Berlin Marathon Apparel

Berlin Marathon Apparel

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Your Insider T-shirt:

Demonstrate the world that you’ll be a piece of Berlin 2019 a request your blue adidas Insider T-shirt! Your request does not at all influence the lottery result. The release is carefully restricted.

Material: functional material with print on front and back

Color: mystery ink

Delivery: End of January 2019, and just in the event that you are conceded as a member for the 2019 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

⇒ EUR 40,00


Your adidas Finisher T-Shirt:

Size outline stock

Demonstrate the world that you’re a piece of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON people group and let everybody know your a finisher with your adidas Finisher-Shirt.

Make a point to pre-request when you register, since this restricted version is accessible just while stock keeps going.

Material: 100% polyester

Configuration: shock

⇒ 30 Euros


Your adidas Event-Shirt:

Appreciate the BMW BERLIN-MARTATHON 2019 with the adidas Event-Shirt, planned particularly for this occasion.

Make a point to pre-request when you register, since this restricted version is accessible just while stock keeps going.

Material: 100% polyester

Configuration: shock

⇒ 30 Euros


Berlin Marathon Apparel

Berlin Marathon Apparel


Your official Response Jacket of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019

This sprinters coat was particularly intended to shield from wind and slight downpour while giving most extreme breathability and solace. The shading mix was planned exclusivly for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019. An exceptional trinket.

⇒ 75 Euros


Insufficient for you? Locate the total gathering on the web or at the MARATHON EXPO.

* You will get all your pre-requested items on the MARATHON EXPO

Official site | Facebook

Download the free versatile application to keep all races in your pocket!

Download our free application (for iOS/Android) to waitlist races, monitor your outcomes, and spare your notes and photographs.

Sprinter’s Entitlement

Race Pack

[retrieved from authority Berlin Marathon site starting at 19-Oct-2018]

Your begin card:

– is your own ticket to the MARATHON EXPO and along these lines to your race unit

– will be sent by email in mid September 2019


You can get your race pack:

Just on the MARATHON EXPO 2019 and ONLY during opening times:

– Sep. 26, 2019: 2:00pm – 8:00pm

– Sep. 27, 2019: 11:00am – 8:00pm

– Sep. 28, 2019: 9:00am – 7:00pm

Just with your begin card AND an image ID (identification, driver’s permit)

Just by and by (no intensity of lawyer acknowledged regardless)



Berlin Marathon Apparel

Berlin Marathon Apparel


Your race pack comprises of:

– a chin-wiper bumber and security pins

– a competitor’s wristband, which

– we put on your wrist on the MARATHON EXPO

– is your ticket to the begin region

– isn’t to be expelled before leaving the completion region

– a rental chip, whenever requested (in the event that you have your very own chip, it would be ideal if you carry that to the get)

– a dress sack, in the event that you requested the garments drop-off

– a voucher for the poncho on your kiddie apron number, on the off chance that you requested the poncho-choice

– a goodie-sack with presents from our supporters

– a voucher on your face cloth number for your pre-requested product from the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON gathering

Race Apparel


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